Simplified Vaginal Hysterectomy: An Evidence-Based Approach is a new text that presents a new and simple method of vaginal hysterectomy employing an energy sealing device. The method makes use of the latest scientific evidence and teaches in a refreshing and clear, straightforward style. The text covers every aspect of vaginal hysterectomy, including a comparison of the vaginal approach to other routes, indications and contraindications, relevant anatomy and tools, preoperative and postoperative care, the basic technique as well as advanced techniques with tips and tricks for the difficult vaginal hysterectomy, as well as prevention and management of complications.

The text also describes simplified techniques for procedures commonly done at the time of vaginal hysterectomy, including anterior and posterior colporrhaphy, culdoplasty, perineorrhaphy, uterosacral colpopexy, midurethral sling, cystososcopy, salpingectomy, and oopherectomy. Using the techniques described, the reader should be able to perform more than 90% of all hysterectomies through the vaginal route. The appendices cover several important topics, including a unique view of the history of vaginal hysterectomy, a comparison of other techniques, a description of the technique of laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy, and a discussion of enabling technologies in surgery and how this relates to usage of energy sealing devices in vaginal surgery.

Also there is a detailed analysis of how to become quicker in surgery and how to improve surgical education for residents, including a detailed competency-based curriculum for vaginal hysterectomy. This book is a must for anyone who performs or teaches vaginal surgery. It includes over 70 full color pictures or illustrations and over 270 pages, with 9 chapters and 9 appendices.

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